APA Library Books and Reports

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Australian Pecan Association (APA) Library: List of books held in the library

Available to members to borrow for the cost of postage.

The following books are available for members to borrow:

  1. Pecan Cultivars – Past and Present
  2. Pecan Cultivars – The Orchards Foundation
  3. Nut Tree Culture in North America
  4. Pecan Culture
  5. Texas Pecan Handbook, 1993
  6. Texas Pecan Orchard Management Handbook, 1984
  7. Pecan Production in the Southeast – A Guide for Growers
  8. Pecan Growers Handbook, Georgia
  9. The Best of Pecan South
  10. Pecan Husbandry, Challenges and Opportunities, USDA, 1990
  11. Principles for Harvesting and Handling Fruits and Nuts
  12. Deciduous Tree Nut Crops Series, Vol 1
  13. Proceedings 9th Annual conference, New Zealand Tree Crops Assoc, 1983
  14. Tree Crops – 84 Growing up
  15. 78th Annual Report, Northern Nut Growers Assoc, US, 1987
  16. Problems in Victoria caused by Corellas, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Galahs
  17. Aphids and Phylloxeras of Pecans
  18. Bird Pest Impact and Research in Australia, Survey and Bibliography
  19. Bird and Bat control in Horticulture and Aquaculture
  20. Minimising crop losses to Cockatoos
  21. National Bird and Pest Workshop Proceedings
  22. Australian Nutgrower – Various
  23. Bird Guard – Demonstration video
  24. Enviro Harvesting Systems – Demonstration video

Pecan research reports

Available on CD free to members.

  • 2006 – NT 03004 Development of a control strategy for beetle borer in Australian pecans, Ian Newton (Stahmann Farms Inc.), Andrew Ward, Becker Underwood, Australia
  • 2003 – NT99001 Ecology and Management of the Beetle Borer, Agrianome Spinicolis (Longicorn Beetle), in Australian Pecans, M Coombs, CSIRO
  • 2002 – NT97007 Pecan Maturity Investigations, R.L. Mason et. al. UQld
  • 2000 – NT301 Biological Control of Green Vegetable Bug in Pecan Orchards, D Sands & M Coombs, CSIRO
  • 1999 – NT602 Improving Pest Management in Pecan Orchards, M Coombs, CSIRO
  • 1998 – NT401 Pecan Quality Investigations, R.L. Mason et. al. UQld
  • 1996 – NT003 Improved Pest Management for Pecan Nuts, Dr P.C. Gregg, UNE